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More Isn't Alway Better: De-Implementation with Dr. Peter DeWitt


8:30 am to 11:30 am

(Source: ALA Reach Events )


Join us for a three-hour workshop led by Dr. Peter DeWitt to help leaders decide which practices to keep, modify, or eliminate altogether. Today's educators are buried under old practices, new ideas, and suggested initiatives. With an overabundance of strategies, it is difficult to recognize what works and what does not. Ineffective practices don't just waste teacher time; they can have a catastrophic impact on student progress. Before you're tempted to add another idea to the pile, take a step back, with an objective look, and decide which practices to keep, which to modify, and which to eliminate altogether. This three-hour workshop is based on Peter's latest book, De-Implementation: Creating the Space to Focus on What Works (Corwin, 2021).