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What Difference Can We Make? Simplifying the RTI Journey, Part 1


9:30 am to 10:45 am

(Source: ALA Reach Events )


Bob Sonju will lead the learning in this 3-part series designed for leaders looking to enhance interventions and hone formative assessments. Do you want to make your interventions more effective? Do you want your formative assessments to be more targeted? It's easy to get confused and overwhelmed with all the "noise" in today's educational world. The creativity and innovation needed in today's schools is not found in adding more to the plates of leaders. Instead, the key to clearing up confusion is in simplifying and focusing on research-based, proven strategies that make a dramatic difference in student learning. Through rich conversations and valuable templates and resources, participants will leave this energetic and engaging series with the tools and strategies needed to clarify, monitor, and support the processes that lead to high levels of student learning. This three-part learning series is led by Bob Sonju, an award-winning educational leader, author, and educational presenter, recognized for his energetic commitment to building effective teams, developing RTI structures that support teachers and students, and creating an effective school culture committed to learning for all students.