NBPTS Certification for Principals - Pilot Phase

Hello MPP Participants & Graduates!


I am pleased to let you know that the Arkansas Leadership Academy has been selected to recruit candidates for the pilot phase of the NBPTS Certification for Principals. I think you would be excellent candidates!


I have included some information in this announcement below. The portal for more information and application is www.nbptsprincipals.org  


Once you have reviewed the details about the project, you can click on "Apply Now" and it will take you to the full application, which is very similar in length to last year’s field test application. You should be able to complete it in 20 minutes or less, so it will need to be completed all at once. You will not be able to save it and come back later to finish it. This portal will only be open until May 31. Principals will be notified whether they were selected to participate in the pilot between June 1-15.


Best wishes!

Diana Peer

Master Principal Leader


Principal Certification Pilot Test Information

What is the purpose of the national principal certification pilot test?
The purpose of the pilot is to further validate the national principal certification process and scoring. During the pilot, which will occur from June 2011 through December 2012, a national sample of principals will participate in the certification process. NBPTS will work with the participants throughout the process to ensure that it is accessible, fair, and meaningful for participants; that the content reflects the most essential elements of the NBPTS Accomplished Principal Standards; and that the tasks can be completed within a reasonable timeframe and without undue burden to principals. Pilot test results will be used to fine-tune the accuracy of scoring procedures and study the short-term outcomes of certification for successful participants.


How will participation in the pilot test benefit principals?
The six required entries for certification were defined and developed by a panel of distinguished principal practitioners and nationally-respected researchers convened by NBPTS. Their charge was to capture the types of skills, practices, and leadership behaviors that research suggests are associated with healthy school cultures, strong classroom instruction, and engaged student learning, leading to high levels of teaching and learning. Principals will have an opportunity to reflect on their leadership practice against the NBPTS Accomplished Principal Standards. Principals currently participating in the field test began completing these entries in September of 2010. Many have reported significant benefits to their participation, in that, they are reflecting on areas of practice which were not previously a focus for them, and have grown in their professional knowledge and skills.


Who is eligible to apply for the National Board Certification for Principals Pilot?
To be eligible, you must meet these requirements: 1) possess an earned bachelor's degree; 2) have completed three years of experience as a principal (not an assistant principal or principal intern); 3) hold a valid state principal license or certificate as required by the state in which you work as a principal; and 4) currently preside as principal of a school.


Participation in the pilot is free of charge.


How will participants be selected?
Up to 500 participants will be selected from the applicant pool to ensure a balanced sample of principals across a range of states, school types, years of experience, and principal characteristics. Selected principals will be notified by email on a rolling basis from May 31 through June 15, 2011.


What is the process principals will complete during certification?
The certification process is comprised of six entries made up of components that assess accomplished principal school practices, specifically those thought to most impact student learning, achievement, and school effectiveness. To meet the requirements of these entries, principals will engage in a range of tasks, including data analysis, written reflections, video analysis, and interviews. All entries will be submitted electronically and scored by a panel of practicing principals at the appropriate developmental levels. Participants will need access to a computer and a high-speed Internet connection to successfully complete and submit the entries.


For Entry 1, principals will administer a web-based survey to various stakeholder groups in Fall 2011 including a district-level supervisor, peers, parents, students (grades 3 and up), classified and certified staff, members of the broader learning community, and the principal themselves. Each group will take the version of the survey applicable to their role. NBPTS developed the Learning Community Engagement and Leadership Survey to measure perceptions of these stakeholder groups. The survey is aligned to the Accomplished Principal Standards. Data from these surveys will be provided to the principals for their use in completing Entry 1. The survey will be re-administered toward the end of the 2011–2012 school year to identify changes that may have occurred in stakeholders' perceptions.

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