Roles and Responsibilities

The Arkansas Leadership Academy Partners adopted the following roles and responsibilities on May 21, 2003:

Attend and Participate

  • Decision maker from organization attend meetings - Responsible to report back
  • Involvement in meeting preparation
    • Use Web page, listserv, etc for discussions. Be aware of action plan (who what when and where – job chart) and next steps


  • Use as a forum to connect resources to achieve common goals
    • Listserv: agenda and discussion before meeting and a discussion of what happened after the meeting has taken place
  • Identify common concerns
  • Develop consensus on common solutions
  • Articulate and implement solutions with one voice
  • Demonstrate results
  • Lead and speak with one voice


  • Use as a Forum to connect resources to achieve common goals
  • Share resources
  • Understand how to connect as partners
  • Measure results
  • Hold partners accountable
  • Collect and share common data analysis

Engage Actively

  • Be defined by the nature of each partner member
  • Model what we do
  • Be willing to change how we traditionally do things to meet the needs of the academy
  • Bring in speakers
  • Know about current research and share
  • Implement strategy and action plan with the partners
  • Implement learning within our own organizations

Sustain and Improve

  • Continuously evaluate of successful practices
  • Eliminate practices that are not effective
  • Participate in fundraising for the leadership academy
  • Make use of leadership practices in our own organization
  • Remember that people support what they help to create

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