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"The 'Leading and Managing Change' performance strand had the most powerful effect on me because I had developed a comfort zone. I knew that as a teacher, I should monitor and adjust more frequently. However, I didn't know how to go about making the changes. Participating in the Teacher Institute has cracked the shell off shyness and fear of failure. I am now able to make changes to my teaching and learning without worrying about what other people think. I have also learned to release control of my class and allow students to control their learning. I'm very proud that I have grown stronger, wiser, and more bold in education."
~ LeTitia Walker, Rison School District

Purpose: The Teacher Leader Institute and Teacher Leader Institute Tier 2 develop Arkansas public school teacher-leaders who are continuous learners and are actively engaged in a statewide, networked learning community which supports the use of diverse teaching and learning practices that will result in high teacher performance and student achievement.


  • Current PreK-12 teachers
  • Teacher Learning Coaches (Teacher Leader Institute graduates)

Objectives: Teachers make changes in their leadership, teaching, and learning practices which increase adult and student achievement through the following performance areas:

  • Creating and Living the Mission, Vision, and Beliefs
  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Developing Deep Knowledge of Teaching and Learning
  • Building and Maintaining Collaborative Relationships
  • Building and Sustaining Accountability Systems

Teachers positively influence others to implement benchmark practices, action research, reflection, and collaboration with others. Teachers provide leadership for cultural, system, and policy changes that result in increased adult and student achievement.

The Teacher Leader Institute Tier 2 develops teacher learning coaches who can lead and facilitate effective vertical and horizontal results-based PLC's (local, district, state-wide) and who use systemic and collaborative structures (e.g. PLC's) to engage other educators in purposefully improving teaching practices and performance.

Length of Institute:

  • Session 1: four days residential
  • Session 2: three days residential
  • Session 3: three days residential
  • Session 4: three days residential

Location: The Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, Morrilton

Expenses: Costs are paid by the Arkansas Leadership Academy. Participants (districts) are asked to pay transportation costs to and from the institute sessions as well as substitute costs.

Application: To apply for the Teacher Leader Institute, mail the application to the Arkansas Leadership Academy, 1 University of Arkansas, WAAX 300, Fayetteville, AR 72701 or fax to (479) 575-8663.

Teacher Leader Application 

Teacher Learning Coach Application     

For any questions or additional information, please contact Amanda Linn at (479) 466-3594, aclinn@uark.edu or Cheri Poellot at (479) 575-2207, cpoellot@uark.edu

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