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"One of the most rewarding observations of new learning from the Team Institute is that of ownership. The team of teachers developed a sense of ownership in the school-wide processes to increase student achievement opportunities. Teachers work together more now than ever to monitor student progress and make adjustments to meet student academic needs. The Team Institute has provided our team of teachers with the tools and inspiration to motivate other school personnel and take ownership in our school programs and performance."
~ Zane Vanderpool, Gravette School District

Purpose: The Team Leadership Institute seeks to build capacity to create learning environments, move the work of the district, school, and organization forward by improving systems within the district, and provide tools and skills to work as a team. The work of the team should significantly move the work of the system and result in increasing student achievement.

Participants: The principal must have completed at least Phase I of the Master Principal Program.  The principal of the school will select the leadership team for his/her school. Representation should include teacher leaders, math/literacy coaches, and the district-level person in charge of curriculum.

Objectives: Given that effective teaching and learning is the core of any successful school, the Deep Knowledge Leadership Team Institute will take deep knowledge of teaching and learning to scale in school districts across Arkansas by building leadership capacity within districts themselves. The Institute will accomplish this by working with teams from a single school for the purpose of learning the process, designing an implementation plan, and then leading the process in their school and district. Two major focuses for the work in the Institute are:

  • an understanding of the concepts of deep knowledge of teaching and learning; and
  • the tools and opportunity to develop an action plan for designing and implementing a learning system for professional development that has clear accountable measurements of improved teaching and learning.

The Team Leadership Institute Year 2 will continue to develop the work of leadership teams who have completed Team Leadership Institute Year 1. Teams will continue to strengthen collaborative relationships and increase their capacity to function efficiently and effectively as school leadership teams; improve student achievement through increasing their capacity to implement each of the five performance areas; and increase their capacity to design, implement, and assess a systemic approach to professional learning for all members of the learning community, resulting in a learning culture focused on increased student achievement.

Team Leadership Institute Year 3 will continue to develop the work and will build on the goals and objectives of the leadership teams who have completed Team Institute Year 1 and 2. 

Length of Institute:

Team Leadership Institute Year 1:

  • Session 1: four days residential
  • Session 2: two days residential follow-up

Team Leadership Institute Year 2 and Year 3:

  • Session 1: two days residential
  • Session 2: two days residential
  • Session 3: two days residential

Location: The Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, Morrilton

Expenses: We have been able to fund this program partially, but it will require additional financial commitment on the part of the school or district. There is a $7,000 institute fee to help defray costs of materials and lodging for six team members for the six institute days. The University of Arkansas Business Office will invoice the district/school after December 13. Please see application for additional fee information.

For any questions or additional information, please contact Becca Bertram at 479-575-6708 or

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