National Recognition

"The Arkansas initiative has the most enthusiastic and impressive feedback from participants of any program in the country. The Arkansas program is a major contributor to the improvement of student achievement throughout the state."
Joe Murphy, Ph.D., Lead Author ISSLC Standards (basis for Arkansas School Leaders Licensure), Vanderbilt University

"Arkansas Master Principal Institute has developed a cadre of principals statewide who can expertly facilitate school change and improvement. Recent program graduates speak knowledgeably and act strategically in addressing schoolwide curriculum and instructional improvement, in ways rarely seen among new and early career principals. They strongly and unanimously attribute their leadership effectiveness to the highly focused, coherent, research-based program of study of the Arkansas Master Principal Institute and demonstrate a capacity to support each other in highly collaborative ways. Thus, the Arkansas Master Principal Institute has created a strong program of study for early career principals and forged a network of expert principals who sustain their learning and improvement work with each and the field at large. This program has become an important strategy in driving school improvement within schools and districts across the state."
Terry Orr, Ph.D., Director, Future School Leaders Academy, Bank Street College, NYC, NY; Co-chair, UCEA/TEA-SIG Taskforce on Evaluating Leadership Preparation Programs

The Arkansas Leadership Academy was invited to work with a national panel of leaders in professional development for educators brought together by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards to create a professional development program for principals and other teacher leaders. The Academy's Master Principal Program rubrics are serving as a source for developing Accomplished Principal Standards to be used in a new National Board Certification program for principals to develop, recognize, and retain top school leaders.
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

In its technical report "Professional Learning in the Learning Profession: A Status Report on Teacher Development in the U.S. and Abroad," the National Staff Development Council featured the Arkansas Leadership Academy's Teacher Institute as one of the notable statewide formal professional development initiatives taking place in Arkansas, identified by research as needed for changing practice and outcomes.
National Staff Development Council

The Southern Regional Education Board named the Arkansas Leadership Academy's Master Principal Institute a "Pacesetter" in their report entitled "Schools Need It Now: Where States Stand in Creating a Learning-Centered School Leadership System."
Southern Regional Education Board (SREB)

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